Seedling Information

Strong and healthy.  We provide our plants with an ample amount of sunlight and potting mix to encourage healthy roots, dark green leaves, and thick stems.

Ready for the outdoors.  We start our seedlings in a greenhouse, but then gradually harden the plants off and accustom them to outdoor life by exposing them to cool temperatures and winds.

Soil Blocks and Biodegradeable Pots.  Instead of using plastic pots or trays, we raise our seedlings in freestanding “soil blocks”, which are compressed cubes of potting mix, or in biodegradeable pots made mainly from wood fiber.  The biodegradeable pots minimize root disturbance when transplanting.  By avoiding plastic, we conserve resources.

Certified Organic.  Grown in natural potting mix without toxic chemicals.  Our biodegradeable pots are permitted in certified organic production.